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Following death, the State of Florida requires the authorization of any cremation by the specific individuals in the following priority.

The Authorizing Agent represents that the relationship between the Authorizing Agent and the Decedent is as follows:

(a)The Personal Representative legally appointed by the Decedent to have the right of disposition.
(b)The Decedent’s surviving spouse.
(c)The Decedent’s surviving child or majority of children (legal age of 18).
(d)The Decedent’s surviving parent or parents.
(e)The Decedent’s surviving sibling or majority of siblings.
(f) The Decedent’s surviving grandparent or grandparents.
(g)The Decedent’s surviving grandchild or grandchildren.
(h)The lineal descendants of the Decedent’s grandparents as spelled out in Section 2105.06 of the Revised Code.
(i)The Decedent’s personal/legal guardian at the time of death.
(j)Any person willing to assume the right of disposition, including the personal/legal representative of the estate or the licensed funeral director with custody of the body, after attesting in writing and good faith that they could not locate any of the persons in the above priority list.
(k)If the final disposition of the Decedent’s remains are the responsibility of the state or a political subdivision of the state, the public officer or employee responsible for arranging the final disposition of the remains.


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