packages, prices & Payment Policy

We are committed to providing cremation services at reasonable costs for families. Below is our price list, as well as the most common offerings families select.



We sincerely appreciate the opportunity to serve your family during your time of need. At, Cremation Care Providers of Central Florida, it is our goal to assist every family, regardless of their financial resources. We have a range of payment options that can meet any family’s needs.  To continue to offer low prices, we require payment in full prior to the cremation being scheduled. 

Option 1:   Payment in the full amount by cash or check, by the day of the                                                   arrangement conference.            

Option 2:   Payment in full by Major Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express     or Discover) by the day of the arrangement conference. If the amount    exceeds your credit line, you may use cards of several family members, have your credit line increased or pay the balance in cash or by check. Please note there is a 2.89% Service Fee to payments made using a credit card or debit card charged by a third-party company to cover the cost of this secure and convenient payment service.

Option 3:  Life Insurance Assignment:

Most insurance companies allow the beneficiary of the policy to assign payment of the funeral expenses from the proceeds of the policy. For your convenience we accept insurance assignments. The insurance handling/assignment fee is $200.00 and is non-refundable.

All insurance assignments will be verified by Cremation Care Providers of Central Florida, LLC and if it is deemed the insurance is not assignable, has lapsed or is invalid, an alternate method of payment (Options 1 or 2) will be necessary.

If the amounts of the insurance benefits are less than the expenses, choosing one of the other payment options for the remainder can satisfy the balance.

If the family chooses to collect the insurance themselves and then pay Cremation Care Providers of Central Florida, that is not an insurance assignment. In this case the family will have to choose an alternate method of payment (Options 1 or 2).


Due to the complexity of Estates and the time involved, we do not accept payment from Estates. The responsible family member will need to pay the expenses and file a claim for reimbursement with the decedent’s estate. 

If you decide to plan for the future and make pre-arrangements with us, we offer payment plans with a minimum of 10% down with interest free payments for up to twenty-four (24) months.

We are available 24 hours a day to respond to your needs and answer all of your questions. You can reach our caring and professional staff at (407) 518-1416. Thank you.